VCUarts Communications provides in-house PR, marketing, and design services to the VCUarts dean's office and academic departments.

I helped redefine how VCUarts' websites should look, feel, and function while they were undergoing a rebrand.

A site I redesigned is the VCUarts Calendar:

I combined monthly and daily views on one page and pared the filter down to the most essential search categories and options.

Emily Park led the rebrand strategy for print; I transposed those ideas for web. A change of typeface from the rounded Karla to the lean Aktiv Grotesk gave VCUarts a more grown-up look. We felt that the VCUarts brand needed to be elevated in order to reflect our rankings as the #1 public art school in the nation, but also retain a bit of spice (it's an art school we're talking about after all).

Animations and illustrations for social media and email campaigns:

Admissions email template redesign

Concept, design, and illustrations for an informational poster mailed to prospective students:

NPDOH poster

Brochure with further details handed out at the actual event:

Web design for the Arts Research Institute (ARI), an organization that provides resources and information for artists seeking funding for research projects.